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Colour concrete can be done two ways and we will always choose the right option that will give you the best results for where you are concreting.

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The first method involves adding highly concentrated iron pigments to the wet concrete in the mixing stages. 
The benefit of this method is that the colour is dispersed evenly throughout all the concrete mix  so the colour will not fade or erode away and the area will always maintain the colour. 
It is a UV colour fast which will stand the test of time in the Queensland sun. 
The other method is to dust a colour hardener over freshly laid wet cement. With this method we can create patterns and colour effects over the surface and we also use this method when using stencils during concrete resurfacing. 
When colour pigments are added to the entire mix as the first method, we can then go onto create other decorative concreting finishes such as: Polished concrete, Honed Concrete 

Polished concrete or honed concrete does not have to be boring grey! 
It can be almost any colour you can think of and when polished and sealed it will look incredible and hard to believe that it is a concrete floor. 

Create your Own Decorative Concrete Look.

Colour pigments can also be added and mixed with aggregates for different concrete textures.
This can include sand, shells, gravel or blue metal to create the custom look and texture that you are wanting for your home or workplace

Other ways to have some creative license with coloured concrete is to add your own textures to the concrete while it is still wet when it has been poured 

We have done some great custom looks by different techniques that we have mastered over the years

1) Brooming – A broom is run over a damp concrete surface to create a durable and non slip surface.
2) Coving or Stippling – The effect is created with a trowel and it has textured swirl effect which looks great, is feels good underfoot and provided a non slip surface 
3) Rock Salt – Creates a pitted and weathered look. Rock salt is pressed into the damp concrete and when it is  dry it is washed away to leave a small indent.
4) Imprints – Can be anything from palm fronds to hand prints imprinted into the damp concrete.

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  • Resistance to abrasion and weathering
  • Range of colours, designs and textures
  • Resurfaces all house exteriors 

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