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Polished concrete floors are popular due to how easy they are to keep clean and how durable they are.

Polished concrete is perfect for homes, showrooms and for foyers.

Polished Concrete Gold Coast

Polished concrete is fast becoming the premium flooring of choice on the market, used in many domestic and commercial settings because of its smooth and high-lustre sheen, it gives the appearance of natural polished stone – yet it is far more economical, durable, easy to maintain and cost effective.  

It is also cost effective as you can create a polished concrete floor over an existing concrete surface or foundation.
The surface will not get scratches from pets, furniture or high heels. It does not require the ongoing maintenance like wooden floors and it will outlast carpet. The biggest positive feedback from our customers is “no more dirty grout” that tiled floors always end up with.
Polished concrete will look amazing for many years and outlast all other flooring options.

Polished concrete is perfect for interiors with its high polish finish.
Consideration should always be given if using polished concrete in wet areas like bathrooms or laundries as it can be slippery. We can work around this and create a non slip surface in these areas by adding extra texture to these surface areas.
The look of polished concrete can be continued to the outside of the house with a similar process called Honed Concrete. You can use the same concrete mix and colour, but the final grind and finish will be a little coarser and not as a high sheen finish . It has a non slip surface. You can read more about honed concrete here ( link to page)

The colour choices for polished concrete are broad. By adding coloured pigments and different aggregates (stones, pebbles, sand and even glass) you will come up with a beautiful floor to suit your home or workplace

Check out Borals brochure for some ideas of colours and stone selections available for Queensland

Low Maintenance And Low Allergy Flooring Option

Using polished concrete in residential homes is popular for new home builds and renovating existing homes. It offers a low maintenance flooring option and surprisingly it does not make a home colder in winter unlike tiles
Polished concrete is low maintenance cleaning and because it is a completely smooth surface, it does not trap dirt, dust, mould spores or fibres. It is ideal for allergy sufferers and it requires just a sweep or a mop.
It is perfect for kitchen floors as it is non staining and an easy flooring surface to keep clean and hygienic.

We have over 25 years of experience with all forms of concreting and we are the Gold Coast polished Concrete flooring experts.
Our team is professional, and we work to your time and to your budget
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Types of Polished Concrete

  • Waffle Pods
  • Conventional
  • Brick Based
  • Under House Slabs

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