Sealing And Resealing Concrete

Add life and protection to your driveways and pathways by sealing or resealing your concrete.  

Our experienced team service all the Gold Coast and can help you successfully achieve the look you are after and provide a quality and cost-effective service. 

Sealing And Resealing Concrete Gold Coast

Our experienced team service all Gold Coast and Brisbane regions and can help you successfully achieve the look you are after and provide a quality and cost-effective service.

Coloured concrete is hardwearing and durable but by adding a sealer or resealing existing concrete – you will instantly enhance and transform the look of the concreted area.

High traffic areas like paths and driveways will accumulate dust and grime that will settle into the pores in the concrete and over time the surface area will become tarnished and stained.
By sealing newly laid concrete or cleaning and then sealing existing concrete, you will bring back the look of the decorative concrete that you wanted.

We always recommend sealing the coloured concrete work we do on our driveways and pathways.
It adds life and protection to your concrete.
It not only protects but brings an added lustre and shine to the finished surface and improving the overall look of the area.

We recommend to apply two coats of sealer and this will help with abrasion resistance and prevent further damage from staining and chemical absorption by creating a decent barrier.
A sealer has the added benefit of make cleaning your concreted areas easier as dirt, grime and moss cannot settle in to the pores and it is now easier to wash away.


Other Benefits Of Concrete Sealing

  • Sealing driveways will stop oil stains on the concrete
  • We can add a tint to the sealer to further enhance the concrete colour
  • Anti-Fungal sealants are available for areas prone to mould or mildew
  • Sealing concrete in a workshop will stop caustic chemicals damaging the surface

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Sealing Benifits

  • Improve the overall appearance
  • Add lustre and shine
  • Prevent future damage

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